Why Should You Vend With Us?

Besides our events always having 300-1000 attendees on average, our events are always packed with amazing vendors with all types of products anyone could use for their household. From grandparents to grandbabies, you’ll see all ages and all ethnicities at our events! Check out our videos and pictures of previous events below.

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Why Us

Our events have proven to have anywhere from 250 to 1000+ patrons. If your business is chosen to sponsor then you’ll recieve:

  • 1,000+ potential leads
  • Increased return on investment
  • Build business relationships
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Expand your content strategy
  • Reaching different communities such as: African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, Irish and more communities


Place your video ads in between our shows and web series. The results prove that our content is eye worthy and has the ability to scale. In just three months we’ve amassed 789 new subscribers without bots, influence marketing, and other marketing tactics.

Sponsored Showcase

Imagine having a Tik Tok challenge exclusively for your brand. We use several micro influencers to share skits using whatever theme you would like. In the era where Millennials and Gen z are becoming the bulk of the referral population, this feature could be great for brand awareness.

Previous Showcases: https://bidabloc.tv/showcases/

We’ll also host giveaways to gather demographic information from surveys for your brand.

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