Olfactory Responses

Inspired by our featured vendor: Honey Flow Scents

Honey Flow Scents was recently established by Pamela Peterson and her daughter, Jordyn Peterson. The name Honey Flow was derived from the meanings of their first names. Pamela which means ‘all sweetness or honey’ and Jordyn which means ‘flow down’.

The small business strives to produce quality products that are hand-poured in small batches with love. When you use their products, the sweet scents will shift the atmosphere invoking a pleasant, relaxing experience. Speaking of shifting the atmosphere, did you know that scent can change the way we perceive things around us? Olfactory responses, responsible for the sense of smell, influence many areas of our lives- our emotions, dating, relationships, etc.

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Scent influences many areas of our lives:

  • An impact on emotion- one study suggests that up to 75 percent of our feelings are affected by what we smell
  • An impact on dating and relationships- scent influences our sense of safety and vulnerability when considering a potential partner
  • An impact on memory- olfactory responses are linked to the emotional center of our brains and correlate directly with our lived experiences
  • An impact on branding and sales- multi-sensory marketing inclusive of scent is linked to a high-quality experience and translates to consumers paying higher price points for products

Scents and Relationships 

The book The Scent of Desire: Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense of Smell by Rachel Herz dives deeper into how we are influenced by smells. Author Herz states that scents affect our thoughts and actions- even our perception of physical and emotional well-being. This can extend to our choice in selecting a partner. Pheromones, chemicals naturally emitted from the body, work on a subconscious level to attract potential romantic partners. There have been many attempts by chemists to isolate these chemicals for personal use. 

Scents in Branding and Sales

It’s no doubt that scent is an essential factor in our everyday lives, but who knew that sensory marketing was utilized strategically in sales campaigns? Many well-known brands such as Cadillac, Victoria’s Secret, and Cinnabon use olfactory marketing strategies to create memories and emotion that keeps clients reminiscing and wanting more. It is speculated that even billboards in high traffic areas utilize scents in order to evoke a subconscious reaction in the brains of potential consumers.

It is crucial that we carefully consider the use of scents in our personal environments such as our homes, offices, and places we spend the most amount of time. In the meantime, be sure to check out our featured vendor, Honey Flow Scents, for the best in-home scents that are guaranteed to shift the atmosphere!